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Yuu and Mika by kunogi09midori
Yuu and Mika
It's been a while since I submitted fanart of an anime. I recently watched & read the manga of Owari no Seraph. I instantly fell in love >//w//< For some time I've been seeing Mika around zerochan so I was curious... until I watched the anime I thought Mika was the main protagonist OAO I like both Mika-chan & Yuu-chan now >w< I love Yuu-chan's design too especially his green eyes and Black & green military uniform.

I tried improving my lineart. I never knew my lines could improve using the smooth or stabilizer @_@; this made my life easier! Also it's been a long while since I used black for outlines. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the basic color >_<

Tools: sketch on paper, Paint Tool SAI
Amatusaru and Shazadi by kunogi09midori
Amatusaru and Shazadi
So here's my first artwork done for my EPW artshop for Amatusaru \OwO/ Thank you for liking my work <3
Butterfly Metamorphosis by kunogi09midori
Butterfly Metamorphosis
It's been a long time since I made painting OxO I've been sewing a lot lately. I just decided to paint Sangohime, my Veno in EPW. She's LiuChun in alternate universe, hence the same face.  I tried making her transforming to her Spirit Fox Form. In PWPH it's called Butterfly Metamorphosis. I never liked the name until now when I actually drew it OxO

So pink >//w//< her name means Coral Princess
LiuChun Character Bag by kunogi09midori
LiuChun Character Bag
This time I made a new bag \OwO/ I don't really like buying bags because I tend to like more the cheaper bags then the good quality ones mainly because of the style. I just can't seem to like the mature style of bags. Unfortunately there are no cute teenager style bags that are good quality @_@; Maybe I just don't know how to hunt >w< I like canvas bags because it's so casual and fits the easy lifestyle. But well the quality is not comparable to the leather bags OxO

I had painted the character with Acrylic paint and outlined it with Sharpie black ultra fine. I initially sketched the character in a paper then outlined it with thick dark black so I can see through it the fabric. However I had to stick the whole thing against the window and work day time to be able to see the lines >_< I don't like to directly sketch on the canvas since I tend to make a lot of erasures and it will ruin my fabric. However I made a mistake to wash the fabric after I painted. Should have washed it after I outlined it before painting since I used wash technique the pencil lines see though and since the paint masked it I can't wash it away anymore T_T

The size it 12in height, 16in long & 5in wide (at the bottom; at the top it's 4in) It can fit a sketch book Ow< I made 4 pockets inside the bag (because I tend to mix up all my stuff inside the bag like a salad lol) I just adore bags with detailed fabrics for the lining. At first I was going to use a pink flowery fabric but after I painted the colors didn't match so I changed my fabric to a orange & yellow check. At the bottom of the bag I used 2 layers of the hard stabilizer (is that how it's called?) Probably this part can improve, I could find a better material to hold the bottom but this one is not that bad. All the materials were bought from the local shops, except for the paints.

I'm happy about this bag <3 I have my cute little Liu Chun in a bag! I will show this off when I go out with my PW friends haha! I have few friends who wants to order with their own chars! When I posted the first picture of this in my Facebook some told me if I'd make more and sell it >w<
Hoodie with Rabbit ear pockets by kunogi09midori
Hoodie with Rabbit ear pockets
Actually I finished this few weeks ago I just forgot to post it OxO I got this adorable patchwork style fabric from a local shop. It was the last 1 1/2 yards so I took everything. After making skirt & dress I challenged myself to sew a hoodie top >w< Good thing I have this stretchy denim fabric in my fabric stash~


Grace Tanzo
Current Residence: 東の国
Favourite genre of music: Jpop
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Wallpaper of choice: vector wallpapers from &
Favourite cartoon character: A lot!
Finally I'm up for selling my Phone Charms! I will try my best to send it as fast as possible. If I don't have stock, I may take some time to reprint and bead the strap.

*Price & Shipping*

I'm really new to mailing so I think sending the charms in a envelope (perhaps protect the charm with something) I'm shipping these from the Philippines (fellow Filipinos, note me so we can discuss... especially if you want a meet-up in Quezon City instead.)

Each charm will cost $5 plus a mailing fee (I will check the post office again.. but will likely to cost around $1 to no more then $2)

*Available charms*

Hetalia: (numbers indicate how many charms printed, if none I will reprint soon)

+Batch 1:…
N. Italy - 5
Germany - 3
Japan - 4
America - 1
England - 2
France - 4
Russia - 0
China - 2

+Batch 2:…
S.Korea - 0
Hong Kong - 3
Taiwan - 1
Canada - 1
Prussia - 1
Spain - 1
Poland - 2
Lithuania - 2
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