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TouRabu: Horikawa Kunihiro by kunogi09midori
TouRabu: Horikawa Kunihiro
Another Touken Ranbu fanart! This time my favorite Sword Boy Horikawa Kunihiro~ He's the sword of famous Shinsengumi's vice-captain Hijikata Toshizou. Although unlike the other swords.... he mostly talk more about Kane-san then his master OAO; Kane-san, Izumi no Kami Kanesada, is also Hijikata's sword. Horikawa mentions Kane-san as his partner and his "boss" while Kane-san says Kunihiro just decided it by himself. Even though Horikawa doesn't talk much about us Saniwa I think he's still adorable. Kane-san here Kane-san there~ I can imagine he's a chick always following Kane-san >w<

About the drawing, I used my hand as a reference.... sadly I have fat fingers OxO; Gomen Horikawa-kun >A< I think my coloring is still plain, I hope to improve soon!

Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS2
TouRabu: Kogitsunemaru by kunogi09midori
TouRabu: Kogitsunemaru
1st art for 2016! I was hoping I could submit this as a January art work >_< My new year's resolution is to make digital art at least 1 piece every month. I draw a lot but I barely make finished works haha. I also wanted to make the year art meme thing so I need art works every month haha OxO

This year I tried playing Touken Ranbu. It's a simple game with character designs based on historical Japanese swords. Since I finally got a rare sword (not the top class though) I made a drawing for Kogitsunemaru~ While idle he calls me "Nushisama" or "master" so I thought that's adorable. The text in the art is said "Nushisama!! Nushisama!!" Actually Kogitsunemaru in the game says it calmly but I kind of imaged him in chibi form (because he's huge in actual haha) calling for his master. Maybe Nakigitsune's call did affect this image. When idle he cries "Arujidono! Arujidono! Ittai dokoni itta deshouka?" (Master! Master! Where did you go?) He's so adorable haha.

Tools: sketch, Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS2, textures from personal stock
KnB: Kurokocchi Let's Play~ by kunogi09midori
KnB: Kurokocchi Let's Play~
Finally I drew a Kuroko no Baske fanart. I couldn't come up with a satisfying artwork for a long time... I'm not really good in drawing boys >w< I drew my favorite pair: Kuroko Testuya and Kise Ryota in Teiko Middle School *KiKurofanOwO* I watched the new OVA with my sister last Christmas and I was reaaaaaallly fangirling >w< there's not much KiKuro though... more AoKuro (which I also like) This is the happiest ending for an epic series!

Tootls: pencil sketch, Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS2
Ms. Bayolet by kunogi09midori
Ms. Bayolet
This is an illustration for my friend ^w^  She liked the long wavy hair but since it's Liu Chun's hair too I have to slightly alter it. Her in game name is Porkchop™ OAO; As a character I'm adopting, I'll just call her Ms. Bayolet (Violet).

Tools: Pencil & paper for sketch, Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS2
Christmas Card 2015 ft. Liu Chun by kunogi09midori
Christmas Card 2015 ft. Liu Chun
It's this season again! This year we didn't put up any Christmas decorations so I couldn't feel much of the festivity at home. Probably that's why this year's card looks more festive then before >w< Gold backgrounds looks festive to me. Not many people like a lot of yellow since it's so bright OxO My previous cards were dark blue so I think the bright golden color is refreshing and more festive.

Just like last year, this year's character is Liu Chun again. The design of the outfit was based on "stars". I like the outfit design last year then this year though OxO This year's highlight is the line art. I did a bit of readings on improving my line art. I'm happy with the outcome >w<

Thanks for this year everyone! I hope to see a better year next year!

Tools: paper & pencil for sketch, Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS2


Grace Tanzo
Current Residence: 東の国
Favourite genre of music: Jpop
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Wallpaper of choice: vector wallpapers from &
Favourite cartoon character: A lot!
Finally I'm up for selling my Phone Charms! I will try my best to send it as fast as possible. If I don't have stock, I may take some time to reprint and bead the strap.

*Price & Shipping*

I'm really new to mailing so I think sending the charms in a envelope (perhaps protect the charm with something) I'm shipping these from the Philippines (fellow Filipinos, note me so we can discuss... especially if you want a meet-up in Quezon City instead.)

Each charm will cost $5 plus a mailing fee (I will check the post office again.. but will likely to cost around $1 to no more then $2)

*Available charms*

Hetalia: (numbers indicate how many charms printed, if none I will reprint soon)

+Batch 1:…
N. Italy - 5
Germany - 3
Japan - 4
America - 1
England - 2
France - 4
Russia - 0
China - 2

+Batch 2:…
S.Korea - 0
Hong Kong - 3
Taiwan - 1
Canada - 1
Prussia - 1
Spain - 1
Poland - 2
Lithuania - 2
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